All About The Fairycore Aesthetic: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Music, & More

All About The Fairycore Aesthetic: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Music, & More

 This year, the fairycore aesthetic has grown especially popular. It evolved from a mix of cottagecore and goblincore, but the fairycore aesthetic seems to be especially big on Tiktok.

Most likely, this is because the fairycore aesthetic is all about adding a bit of magic into everyday life. That is something we could all use right now!

While I love many of the popular aesthetics, I have to admit that fairycore has a special place in my heart. It’s enchanting, impish, and happy.

When it comes to the fairycore aesthetic, there really are no rules. You can be as playful or as toned-down as you’d like!

What Is Fairycore?

Generally, the fairycore aesthetic is the aesthetic that’s all about the theme of magic in nature. It includes things like butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, soft pastels, shimmery water, gentle animals, and everything magical.

Because the 2020s are leaning towards color, the fairycore aesthetic fits perfectly. We’re into magic lately; we seem to love the idea that something else could exist. Fairycore is a way to incorporate that magic into our everyday lives. It’s super accessible for anyone.

Some parts of the fairycore aesthetic can seem odd because the trends are all about being etherial, even if the pieces don’t quite fit in regular life. After all, that’s kind of the point! It’s a really eclectic aesthetic that can go many different ways.

Imagine picking up a unique piece made by a fairy in a local shop that’s old and cluttered. This is the fairycore aesthetic!

Many people feel that the fairycore aesthetic is really similar to cottagecore. I personally think the difference is that cottagecore is about things rooted in history; it’s living as though we’re in the Italian countryside or on a farm, while fairycore is living as though we’re fairies in another world. It’s magical and different versus historical and practical.

Fairycore Fashion:

Although the fairycore aesthetic is pretty well-defined, there’s a lot of variables when it comes to fairycore fashion. Unlike dark academia fashion, fairycore isn’t clean cut or neutral. Instead, it’s all about incorporating a bit of magic into your wardrobe.

Although fairycore fashion does incorporate elements of cottagecore style, there are some differences. Fairycore is all about the magic, while cottagecore is about living freely in nature.

Of course, fairies are generally tied to nature, which makes these two aesthetics similar. However, cottagecore generally depicts the farm life aesthetic, while fairycore is all about the enchanting parts of the woods and flowers. There are almost always magical elements in a fairycore outfit, versus the natural elements found in cottagecore outfits.

The fairycore aesthetic incorporates mystical elements of fairies that we read about as children. It’s soft, whimsical, romantic, and enchanting.

However, fairycore fashion also has a slightly odd element. Fairies are depicted as “out there,” so you can include things like funky knit socks, mushroom earrings, or glitter.

Fairycore fashion is rooted in natural and is all about the vibrant natural colors of summer. Try to capture the feel of nature with your wardrobe then add a few mystical elements.

Popular fairy fashion pieces include:

  • Wire-rimmed glasses
  • Bows and ribbons
  • Lace and sheer fabrics
  • Dresses
  • Glittery, shimmery, or glowing makeup
  • Slippers, open-toe shoes, or sometimes no shoes at all
  • Hair worn down or in loose hairstyles such as messy buns and quick braids, sometimes messy
  • Pastel painted nails or no polish at all, occasionally dirt beneath nails to reference gardening
  • Jewelry like long gold necklaces and moonstone/opal rings and bracelets

Fairycore Beauty:

Just like the aesthetic for fairycore fashion, fairy beauty is all about soft magic. Unlike cottagecore beauty, you can get a little odd when you’re doing yourself in the fairycore aesthetic.

For example, you can use some interesting colors (like orange blush) or try sparkles or freckles.

I’ll include examples below so that you can see what I mean!

Fairycore Hair:

Fairy hairstyles should be soft and natural. However, you can also get a little crazy. Fairies are super unique, so you can do your hair virtually any way you’d like as long as it’s natural and magical!

However, most fairy hairstyles do use a lot of accessories. I personally like flower clips and butterfly clips. They can be used in a variety of ways, as you’ll see below.

I encourage you to embrace your natural hair! In fact, messy is actually good when you’re dressing in the fairycore aesthetic.

Here are some examples of fairycore hairstyles.

Soft & Curly:

fairycore aesthetic

Long Natural Waves

fairycore aesthetic

Loose French Braid With Flowers

fairycore aesthetic

Braids In High Bun

fairycore aesthetic

Loose Braid With Butterfly Clips

fairycore aesthetic

Half Braid With Flower Crown

fairycore aesthetic

Loose Side Braid With Butterfly Clips


fairycore aesthetic

Natural Frizzy Hair With Flower Clips


fairycore aesthetic

Double Twist With Flowers


fairycore aesthetic

Soft Updo With Flower Clips


fairycore aesthetic

Fairycore Makeup:

Similar to everything else in the fairycore aesthetic, fairy makeup is simple yet etherial. You want to look healthy and otherworldly, but in an enchanting way rather than a scary way.

Rosy cheeks and lips are always good, but you can then add more interesting makeup like a cat eye, freckles, or dark eye shadow.

Fairies have narrow, imp-like faces, so fairy makeup tends to include a lot of contouring to achieve this non-human look.

Lastly, embrace the shimmer look. You want to literally glow in the sun!

Here are some examples of fairy makeup ideas.

Rosy With Cat Eye:


fairycore aesthetic

Pale & Rosy Natural Look:


fairycore aesthetic

Enchanting Shimmer Glow:


fairycore aesthetic

Natural Sunkissed Makeup:


fairycore aesthetic

Etherial Peace Shimmer:


fairycore aesthetic

Vibrant Flower Eyeshadow:


fairycore aesthetic

The Fairycore Lifestyle:

If you want to live an enchanted life then the fairycore aesthetic is definitely for you. It’s all about infusing a bit of magic into your everyday life.

I recommend that you learn more about the fae, the different types of fairies, and fairy holidays if you really want to get into the fairycore aesthetic. 

It’s definitely fun to celebrate the holidays in nature throughout the year! We love having a garden party around Beltane, for example, which is right in the middle of spring.

Other fairycore aesthetic activities tend to revolve around nature. Go for a walk in the woods, have a picnic in a field, hang your clothes on a clothesline, garden, make flower crowns, pick berries and flowers, listen to the birds, and simply enjoy being outside.

The idea is to embrace the magic of the natural world all around you.

Fairies love sweet and rich foods (like chocolate, butter, and champagne), so it can be fun to put together a picnic using fairy-like food. 

I like to throw together a playlist of fairy music (there’s literally tons of really gorgeous songs on Spotify) to play during my picnics or garden parties. 

fairycore aesthetic

You can also incorporate elements of the fairycore aesthetic into your home. Bring in fresh flowers, open the windows, hang plants, decorate in fairy colors with natural pieces, play music, and add lots of shimmery pieces (like mirrors, sheer blankets, etc.) or pastel gingham pieces.

If you’re more adventurous, you can go looking for fairy rings, which are rings of mushrooms in natural places. Legend says that a fairy ring shows where the fairies held a revel the night before.

Learning about flowers and wildlife is closely tied to the fairy aesthetic. The fairies are (theoretically) quite knowledgable about flower species, plants, bugs/butterflies, and animals, so you can make this a hobby if you really want to get into the fairycore aesthetic.

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